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Jollieball just went to another level

Today's jollieball session almost didn't happen. The wind was blowing and when Junain and myself showed up there at about 5pm we thought that everyone else would have decided to give it a skip. We tried to pepper with a indoor ball but the wind made it very difficult. We eventually gave up and decided to wait for the other guys to show but we said if no one shows by 6 we would call it quits.

As luck would have it Egon and his buddy showed at 5:50 and Stevey was there 5 minutes later. Suddenly the wind dropped and the game was on. They net was up in a jiffy and the 2 team were Egon and myself against Stephen and Junain. Egon the new guy was showing very good improvement since it was his second session. Ever. He was getting the volley almost perfect for a newbie and he had the advantage of youth and his tennis skills plays in his favour because he can run the balls down. That and a couple of lucky kicks as Junain and Stevey powered the ball down help to ensure the victory over them in what turned out to be quite a seesaw battle.


The match was just over and we planed to pack it up since Egon had to leave when Ernest arrived. The poor guy had to drive I don't know how far from work to pick up his wife, baby and skip church to come play ball. Now there is some dedication Anyway we were grateful for his appearance.

We then started another game with Ernest and myself vs Junain and Stephen. What most don't realize is that Junain, Stephen  and myself have been out of volleyball for years. This game was great with good spiking, solid passing and of course the sense of playing to win. Everything you can expect from a bunch of veterans. Ernest being the exception.  By no means just a jollieball match. I feel for Ernest because my setting was real second rate stuff, so he just had to make do with what he got. It got so exciting that we even got a few hoots from the passing traffic.

The next session will be on the morning of Monday the 24th of December. This will most likely be our last session for the year unless the guys are available some day between Xmas and new years.

I am very happy with our progress for now but plan to invite lots more new players to come join.

I cant wait for our next session.


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