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EP Team 2016

Just got a pic of the EP team

will post names later


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How to improve your virtical


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20 April


Inkwenkwenzini vs Ikhwezelihle


Enqileni vs Khulile


Mdengentonga vs Dumani


Booysen Park vs Arcadia


Despatch vs Sanctor


Strelitzia vs Machui


Brylin vs Harvest SC A




26 April


Khulile vs Inkwenkwenzini


Dumani vs Ikhwezelihle


Mdengentonga vs Enqileni


Cedarberg vs Despatch


Machui vs Booysens Park


Sanctor vs Strelitzia


Brylin vs Harvest SC B




4 May


Inkwenkwenzini vs Dumani


Khulile vs Mdengentonga


Ikhwezelihle vs Enqileni


Arcadia vs Machui


Stretlitzia vs Cedarberg


Booysens Park vs Sanctor


Harvest CS A vs Harvest CS B




11 May


Mdengentonga vs Inkwenkwenzini


Enqileni vs Dumani


Ikhwezelihle vs Khulile


Despatch vs Strelitzia


Sanctor vs Arcadia


Cedarberg vs Booysens Park


Harvest CS A vs Brylin






18 May


Inkwenkwenzini vs Enqileni


Mdengentonga vs Ikhwezelihle


Dumani vs Khulile


Machui vs Sanctor


Booysens Park vs Despatch


Arcadia vs Cedarberg


Harvest CS B vs Harvest CS A








25 May


Ikhwezelihle vs Inkwenkwenzini


Khulile vs Enqileni


Dumani vs Mdengentonga


Strelitzia vs Booysens Park


Cedarberg vs Machui


Despatch vs Arcadia


Harvest CS B vs Brylin




20 July


Imkwenkwenzini vs Khulile


Ikhwezelihle vs Dumani


Enqileni vs Mdengentonga


Sanctor vs Cedarberg


Arcadia vs Strelitzia


Machui vs Despatch




27 July


Dumani vs Inkwenkwenzizi


Mdengentonga vs Khulile


Enqileni vs Ikhwezelihle


Arcadia vs Booysens Park


Sanctor vs Despatch


Machui vs Stretlitzia




3 August


Inkwenkwenzizi vs Mdengentonga


Dumani vs Enqileni


Khulile vs Ikhwezelihle


Despatch vs Cedarberg


Booysens Park vs Machui


Strelitzia vs Sanctor




10 August


Enqileni vs Inkwenkwenzini


Ikhwezelihle vs Mdengentonga


Khulile vs Dumani


Machui vs Arcadia


Cedarberg vs Strelitzia


Sanctor vs Booysens Park




17 August


Strelitzia vs Despatch


Arcadia vs Sanctor


Booysens Park vs Cedarberg






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This will allow us and others to see how many players and supporters we have.

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Beach Sports Challenge October 2014

Beach Sports Challenge October 2014


Trevor Watkins <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

15:23 (19 hours ago)
to me
Do you play volleyball, netball or soccer? Get summer started by entering the beach sports challenge on the first Saturday in October, have some fun in the sun, and maybe win a cash prize.

Sportykidz, the Kouga Volleyball Union and the Kouga Sports Council are organising the Beach Sports Challenge on Saturday 4th October on Jeffreys Bay main beach. The tournament is open to anyone. Mixed teams are welcome.

Netball:         6 players per team (4 players on court at all times). 6 teams per pool. Pool 1- Junior (u14)  & Pool 2 - Open
Soccer:        10 players per team (5 on court at all times), max 8 teams
Volleyball:    6 teams per pool.  Pool 1 - 2 -a-side  & Pool 2 - 4-a-side, 
Timing:          Starts at 08h30, 4 October 2014 at Main Beach (Dolphin Beach), Jbay. Finals from 15h00
Registration:   R100 per team per Sports code (Teams can register until 8.30am on 4th October)
Prizes:            The total entry fee in each pool will be divided as follows: 1st - 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd - 10%. If  sufficient sponsorship, trophies, medals and lucky dip prizes may be awarded.
Register your teams by  email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by sms at 
         Netball : 072 958 6013
         Soccer:  083 870 3232
         Volleyball:  083 441 1721
Please provide name of captain, team name, sports code and pool.
Rules and program will be provided on receipt of payment.
Contact Anina Eygelaar on 072 958 6013 for more details.
Trevor Watkins - Base Software
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 083 44 11 721 - Skype base37 -  (fax)0866 532 363 - libsa.wordpress.com
PO Box 3302, Jeffreys Bay, 6330
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