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And then came the NVL

The NVL (National Volleyball League) was designed to be like the PSL with the top 16 clubs at a national level that get promoted too or relegated from the league based on their overall performance. This started out with a lot of fire in the first year. The teams that were doing very well in this league were teams like Black Panthers from Cape town that had a large portion of the then National team in its' ranks. In PE 3 teams played in this league, Rhodes University, Tycon and UPE. The league was run on a tournament bases where teams would travel to a city and each team would then play 2 or 3 scheduled matches and the results recorded.

One of the first tournaments played in this league was held at the Cape Town Military hospital. The teams UCT was very strong with players like Siraaj Toufee(hope this is spelled right)  as a outside hitter and his brother as a setter had a dominating impact and was hard to stop. Siraaj had a very high jump for a shortish guy and one of the hardest hitters.

There was never any doubt that Black Panthers would also dominate their opponents. Players like Justin Powers, Gershon Rorich ensured that the cruise to victory in all their matches.

Rhodes at this point had Ghosh and Dominic Goliath playing for them and was also showing how 2 very strong players could bring the rest of the team to a very competitive level.

Some of the following scheduled cities was not as well attended as Cape Town and then PE where Rhodes face a team call Polis from Bo-Lands. Polis was a young team that eventually beat Rhodes in very tough match that went to 5 sets. That was the first and last we saw Polis team in action and to come out and beat one of the powerhouses of volleyball was amazing.

This model of the league was very costly to the teams and eventually collapsed due to poor attendance. I wish I had images to post with these articles. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the walk down memory lane of volleyball as is remembered by me.


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