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Volleyball in Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage in the 90's, Part 1

 I recall a when I was at school, my brother and I used to go with my cousins to watch volleyball in the Rosedale Recreation Center in Uitenhage. This was in the late 80's early 90's. The teams of that time were Killers, Flying Spikers, Terminators, Venus and Wings to name but a few. How these guys would play the game was very exciting and almost everybody there could play. We would stand in awe as some little child no older than 7 years of age would be able to do a perfect volley and how some bystanders would spike or do the pepper drill during the time-outs and between matches. This was enough to inspire me and my brother to try the game.


I was in high school at the time when the school started a team. I decided to join and this was the start of a very long relationship with a sport that is still very close to my heart. We started excelling at is and found that we most our time was spent playing or watching the game. It was clearly very addictive and we were more than willing to give our time to improve our game.


The Port Elizabeth Technikon (PE Tech) had a team that took part in the volleyball league and this was my entry into the league. This was in 1992 when South Africa was going through some serious political changes. For the first time white people played sports with non-whites and the PE-Tech was predominantly white. At the first inter-club tournament teams like Asics, SAP, UPE, All Stars and Tycon (Goodyear) to name a few, showed up and you could see some real exciting competition.


This was of the best Volleyball I have seen in Port Elizabeth. There was still a division with some people not wanting to play in these leagues. These were the SACOS league that was at the time concentrated in Uitenhage. They were playing under the banner of UITAVU (Uitenhage Amateur Volleyball Union). Teams that played in that League included Terminators, Killers, Venus and Wings. This League eventually died out and players came to play in the new unified league or they stopped playing.


The Big names of the time were players like Adrian Strydom (Gosh), Peter Cocks, Dave Me, Charl Petrus, Dominic Goliath. The great setters at that time was Cedric (Attie) Rademeyer, Marlin Lottering and Yusuf Gasant. These players brought the game to life and was spectacular to watch.


To be continued...


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