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NMMU Beach Volleyball Tournament

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With great pride & lots of enthusiasm, we are launching the above programme in the Nelson Mandela Metro.

This programme, which is fully supported and financed by the Lotto Board and which includes stake holders such as Volleyball South Africa (VSA) and the Eastern Cape Academy of Sport (ECAS), Nelson Mandela Metro University (NMMU), is based on developing and educating our youth with sport, using volleyball as the primary medium. 

We are visiting schools in the Metro, from which we will select about 75 scholars ranging between the ages 13 – 16 and especially targeting tall children.  Females must be an average height of 1.75 m and males, 1.8 m.  After the initial selection, these children will be assessed by the volleyball trainers as well as ECAS, for their sporting and physical abilities.  The group of 75 will then be cut to the elite 16 Tall Men/Women Beach teams & 24 Indoor teams.  These teams will be coached, assessed, educated and developed over a period of 2 – 3 years as the Nelson Mandela Metro’s Elite Volleyball teams.

However, we as EP Volleyball Union, need your help in selecting our prized athletes.  We would like your school, to send your scholars, aged between 13 – 16 and height 1.75 and taller, to Kings Beach on a Saturday morning.  Training starts at 09:00.  If you contact us, we’ll arrange that a bus transports your scholars from your specific school to the beach and back with no financial impact on you. 

International sport stars have an immense impact on our children; our adults of tomorrow.  We, EP Volleyball Union, believe that it is our duty to raise strong, healthy & educated young people to become balanced, Godly adults, who will one day perhaps become the next “David Beckham” or “Rodger Federer” and who can make an impact in somebody else’s life. 

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call Maryna Gie on 083 568 9986 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Beach Volleyball - Saturday 19 Jan 2013

How did it go? Well it went great ...Looks like the beach volleyball is back in full swing after the holidays.

The weather was great with no wind and just enough cloud cover to make the day an absolute pleasure. The guys that showed up are seasoned players and they had a full training session with coach Manfred Gie. Of course the training only started after they gave us a good show on the court with Gumpo and Rasheed against Peter and Cheslyn. The playing was not for points just for practice but it was very entertaining to watch. These players put in everything when they face each other. Coach Manfred pulled all the stops with a strenuous physical session and 

From a development point of view, the coach for the Tall Man project Deon Daniels had the young players on the beach as well. These up and coming youngsters will be playing in beach tournaments that will be hosted in PE during this year. Watch this space for details of upcoming events.

Saturday was really a treat for everyone. Some Ghanaian fans for the AFCON soccer tournament was also on the beach and they had an opportunity to join in the fun.

We hope to see more players and fans on the field in the coming weekends.

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EPVU Beach Tournament 2 -3 Feb 2013

Today Saturday the 2nd of Feb 2013 was day one of the EPVU beach volleyball tournament at Kings Beach in Port Elizabeth. The tournament is held over 2 days and so far day one has lived up to all our expectations. The weather was good and the Redbull tent provided the perfect vibe for all the exciting games that was played.

To add to the excitement was foreign players that started out playing int the ladies tournament. A group of students from Minnesota, USA decided to participate and provided some competition for the ladies games.

The mens games were all well contested with all the usual suspects, Gumpo and  Rasid was one team. Another team was Peter and Cheslyn and both of these team are contenders to win this tournament.

Results for the days games are not yet available. Hopefully these results will become available soon.

Click on the image to go to todays gallery

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Jeffreys Bay Volleyball 8 and 9 December 2012

This coming weekend there will be 2 volleyball tournaments held in Jeffreys Bay.

On the 8th there will be a 4-a-side social tournament, aimed mainly at holiday makers. This tournament has no prize money since it is not sponsored. 

The Tournament of Sunday the 9th will have a R50 per team entry fee for 2-a-side volleyball, with the entry fee being distributed as prize money (1st prize 60%, 2nd prize 30% , 10% for administration).

All are welcome to come play and enjoy the good weather and volleyball. Please contact Trevor Watkins on 083 441 1721 or  042 293 1405.

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