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Player Attacks Referee

November 24th, 2012

So we’ve learned that the player who attacked the referee during a match has been SUSPENDED for only 2 matches and must pay a fine of USD$4,000.

Player Attacks Referee

That’s it?

Our source also provides more info about the fight:

“During the 4th set of game between Shahrdari Urmia and Saypa last Nov. 14th, Ahsanolah Shirkavand, Libero of Shahrdari Urmia, protested against the decision of the line judges. When referee showed him a yellow card, he pulled the referee’s leg and pulled him down from the stand. The game was postponed for about 10 minutes and referee showed him a red card.

Iran Volleyball Federation suspended Shirkavand while Disciplinary Committee is suspending him for 2 matches.”

The source also adds that Ahsanolah Shirkavand’s excuse was that he got carried away and was also getting stressed out. Therefore, he failed to control his emotions.


More pics below:

Player Attacks Referee

Player Attacks Referee

Player Attacks Referee

Player Attacks Referee

Player Attacks Referee

November 17th, 2012

A player like him MUST be PUNISHED!

We justreceived a very DISTURBING image of a libero attacking a referee during a club match in Iran.

It looks like the ref has made a questionable call, then the team captain starts  to argue and all of a sudden the libero aka the BIGGEST LOSER suddenly attacks the official by pulling him off the stand.

The pic below pretty much shows the sequence of this unpleasant incident:

Player Attacks Referee

Who is this player?

Can someone please tell us more about this incident?

Regardless of what the call was, the Iranian Federation better PUNISH him! What a terrible player!  It’s every athlete’s job to respect the call and the decisions of the officials.

Any thoughts to share?

(image: If you know the owner of this pic, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Read more http://www.volleywood.net/leagues/iran-leagues/player-attacks-ref/


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