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Volleyball tournament Pavillion 27 Aug 2016

This coming weekend we have a tournament in Uitenhage at the VW Pavillion

Gents - Pool A
1. VW
2. Helping Hands
3. Legends
4. St. Albans

Gents - Pool B
1. Spartans
2. PE College
4. Madibaz (NMU)

Match 1: VW vs Legends (St. Albans Officiating)
Match 2: PE College vs Madibaz (Legends Officiating)

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Poland vs Brazil World League Finals

To those who missed the match last night. The match was great but the Brazilian were leaning to much on their main spiker Wallace. They also didn't play their usual game with a lot of float serves when we know that they are normally a jump serve team. Not to take anything away from the Polish team. They played and inspired game and took advantage of the areas of weakness in the Brazil team.

This game was over in 4 sets with the Brazil taking the first set. When the Polish kicked into gear it was hard for the Brazilian to catch up. The team looked like they were beaten from after they lost the second set. It was hard to find anything wrong with the Polish game. They played a clinical game and dealt with the demotivated Brazilian outfit in the following 2 sets.

I could not find a video with english commentary. This shouldn't matter because volleyball is a universal. All you need is the action. I hope you enjoy.


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Mari Slams Ze Roberto

Let the Bitter Party begin!

Just Kidding!

Mari Slams Ze Roberto

Fallen Brazlian star, Mari Steibrecher, finally dishes about the REAL score on why she was cut from the 2012 Olympic Team, clears the rumor that the rest of the team and most of all Sheilla were having a difficult time dealing with her and her intention to play for Germany.

On Coach Ze Roberto Guimaraes:


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Guidetti Praises Kim

2 years ago, Coach Guidetti praised USA’s Logan Tom:

“Logan Tom is now the best position player in the world.No other player can play like her. She has defense, blocking, attacking from all positions. When she plays bad, she makes perhaps one mistake in a match. I had the luck to coach her in Italy, but she never thanks me because she always beats me. This year, I think every time Logan Tom was not there, they lost. When Logan Tom is there, they always win. She’s just what young players need.”

This year, another player has caught the eyes of the head coach of Germany and she’s none other than the MVP of the 2012 Olympics, Kim Yeon Koung.


We quote:

“Body of Russia, power of United States, the technique like Korean and quickness of Brazil all in one player. She is the best player in the world for sure.”

He’s totally right!

Guidetti Praises Kim

We wonder what he’s going to say about GREAT PLAYERS like Lioubov Sokolova and Sheilla Castro.

Do you agree with Coach Guidetti?

We do! We do!

Read more http://www.volleywood.net/leagues/turkey-leagues/guidetti-praises-kim/

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Kasia’s Mission In China

Looks like Polish superstar Kasia Skowronska is all business in China.

Kasia’s Mission In China

In an interview with pzps.pl, the 29 year old opposite hitter, who currently plays for Guangdong Evergrande Volleyball Club, aims to defend their Chinese League Crown. In case you didn’t know, this is Kasia’s second season playing in China under coach Jenny Lang...

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